L&D – Going Corporate – Teaser

Coming Soon…….

I’ve been thinking about writing a blog for many years.  I’ve attempted it before but it just hasn’t really taken off.  I suppose I haven’t really believed that I have anything valuable to write about.

So what is different now?  Well for the first time in 17 years I’m moving out of the public sector to work for a large and growing retail company as the L&D manager.  For me this will bring a lot of personal learning, not only because of the shift in sectors but because I’m going to be leaving a small L&D team in a Further Education College to be the sole L&Der in the new organisation.  I’m also going to be relocating to the South West of the UK in order to join the organisation at their head office.

#workingoutloud – http://workingoutloud.com/

I’m interested in the concept of working out loud and while I have dipped my toe in I haven’t really jumped in with both feet.  I’m hoping that this blog will enable me to begin to work out loud and I hope that other L&D professionals will benefit from my observations and very likely my mistakes.

Where it starts

My journey starts today.  I sit in a hotel room, nervously excited about my first meeting with the HR team and the CEO of my new corporate experience that begins tomorrow.  Nervous about the unknown and excited about the potential of the role and what I might be able to bring to the organisation.

I’m not due to start for another 4 weeks so this is a pre-start meeting, an opportunity to get an understanding of of the business goals and get to know the rest of the HR team.  I know that my job will initially be to develop a L&D strategy.  My job is a little easier because I have pretty much a clean slate to work with.  I’m deeply aware of the need to align the L&D strategy to the business and at this point I’m keen to just listen and understand.

So here’s to new beginnings and to blogging…..



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